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For most NCS New Haven members, their first involvement with NCS New Haven is attending a meeting. But, there are many more ways to “get involved” with NCS New Haven than going to a “meeting”.
  • Calendar of Events: The core of NCS New Haven is the depth of friendships among the members, and these friendships usually start with a connection made at an NCS New Haven event. At NCS New Haven, friendship happens. You show up willing to trust and accept other men as they are, other men show up willing to trust and accept you, and pretty soon you start making some real friends. You put transparency and authenticity into those friendships and they get deeper and better. Soon NCS becomes the place where you met a brother, not the place where you went to a meeting.
  • Love Your Neighbor: Friendships evolve when you serve shoulder to shoulder. NCS New Haven encourages involvement with local churches, organizations and partners that offer help to the poor, the oppressed and the disenfranchised – in local communities and around the globe. These activities permit NCS New Haven members to deepen their friendships by serving together. We take the skills and talents we honed in the marketplace and use them for effective Kingdom progress.
  • NCS Forum: Involvement also means sharing connections, stories, speakers, inspiration and any other vehicle that encourages and equips us. We help each other discover our own mission and purpose, personally and as a community. The NCS Forum facilitates that sharing and discovery within the broader NCS community, leveraging the power of the NCS global network.
  • Connections with NCS Leadership: A tremendous strength of NCS New Haven and NCS is the leadership team that has been assembled to serve and guide the organization. The Advisory Board, the Board of Directors, the NCS New Haven leadership and the other NCS leaders are men committed to the mission of NCS and committed to helping chapters and members realize that mission. The “Our Blog”, “NCS Blog” and “Ask NCS” are places where you can tap into, and stay connected with, 7the NCS leadership team.
  • Chapter Announcements: Announcements from our chapter, from NCS and from NCS New Haven partners that we think may be of interest.
  • Surveys: NCS and NCS New Haven are here principally to serve and connect their members. We can’t do that right without your feedback. This link lets you communicate directly with the NCS leadership team, telling us how we can better serve you and facilitate those connections.

Our motto is focused on action! Live pure, speak the truth, right wrongs and worship the King. NCS New Haven walks the talk—get involved!

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